Yo! We are out in Hadley, MA recording our new record “Always The Hard Way” with King Zeuss, and we couldn’t be more happy with the way it’s coming out! We have been in here for about 20 days now, and we are finishing up. Eddie Sutton from Leeway and Arron from Death Threat made a vocal appearance and it sounds fuckin’ great! The album is gonna drop July 11th just in time for sounds of the underground this summer! I posted some photos of us in the studio, so check that shit out!


Update 2- Back From Tour, New DVD!
Hey everyone, We just got back from our tour with Bury Your Dead, Scars Of Tomorrow, and August Burns Red. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us, and made it a great tour.

Right now we are home writing songs for our next record, which we will be recording in February, with the almighty Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, 100 Demons, Madball). We are really excited to work with him. The record is gonna sound amazing!

We are also working on a DVD! It is gonna come out early 2006. But we need your help! If you have any sweet video footage of Terror shows, or and really good photos of us, please get in contact with us! Either email us at Terror@trustkill.com or message us on our myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/terror)

Also we are gonna be heading over to Europe in January with Blacklisted and Donnybrook! We are really excited to go back, Europe is always great to us!

See ya in 2006!

Update 3 – Hey Everyone
Damn! it’s been way too long since i’ve written in this thing. Shit has been really hectic. We’ve been out since march 25th, and we’re out until august 1st. so we’re keeping real busy.

The tour with comeback kid is almost over, so thanks to everyone who has come out and made this tour the best tour Terror has done so far!

If you have’nt picked up the “Lowest Of The Low” Reissue, go buy that shit!

See ya on tour!


Update 4 – Australia Pt. 2!
Hey everyone. We are still over here in Australia. Things are going really good for us. The shows have been more than amazing. A huge thank you to everyone that came out and supported all the shows here!

I would say the highlight of the tour was our show in sydney. Packed club, dudes raging, the barricade got ripped down. it was pure insanity!

Last night we went to Brisbane on our night off to see Slipknot and Hatebreed. There was about 4,000 people there, and Hatebreed destroyed the place! One of the greatest bands ever!
Anyway, i’m out! Take care everyone!


Update 5- Australia
What up everyone? We have been in australia for like 3 days now. Seriously the best place on earth! We played our first show in Perth. It was off the Hook! Mad stage dives, sing alongs, and mosh!

Today we are playing another show in Perth, and then we have a day off. Hopefully gonna chill at the beach. It’s pretty crazy just being here. Chilling @ the Indian ocean. don’t get to do that everyday. The weather is absolutely amazing here right now.

Anyway, i’ll have more updates once we actually do something! haha


What’s up everybody?

We just got home from an amazing few months of touring. We wrapped up the first ever Terror headlining tour, All For Revenge with The Warriors and crew across the US. A bunch of sold out shows, a bunch of almost sold out shows, and a bunch of amazing shows in between. Thanks to the bands on the tour and for everyone who came out and partied with us.

Australia was unreal. The people, the shows, the beaches, the cities, the food, the booze… it was heaven on Earth for 2.5 weeks of our lives. Shout out to Kilo Graham & Resist Records, Greg Against, Pete BID, Adam in Perth, Fat Tony, all the bands we played with, and everybody behind the scenes that made our stay so pleasant. Can’t wait to come back. Hell yeah!!!

Check out our journal at Trustkill for a complete rundown of events and some pictures to boot.

We head back to Europe in a few weeks with Full Blown Chaos, No Turning Back, and Teamkiller – can’t wait to see NTB and Teamkiller every night, great people / bands. Dates are posted in the tour section, take a look.

Sean Price, Jesus Price Supastar is unreal.
Unholy, Blood Of The Medusa is metal and hard as fuck.
Stigmata, Hymns For An Unknown God is still one of my favorite records of all time.
Crooks & Castles gear – you saw it here first, watch our video.



DECEMBER 14, 2006 – Dates for the first leg of the ALL FOR REVENGE Tour with The Warriors, All Shall Parish, Stick To Your Guns, and War Of Ages have been posted in the “tour” section. Once the second leg is confirmed, we’ll have those posted as well.

DECEMBER 3, 2006 – The dates for South America have been